SEO – What it is and how it's used

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is the practice of tweaking and changing your website and its content according to the algorithm used by search engines in order to be shown higher in the search results pages, this is called ranking. Doing this will bring more potential customers to your blog, business, thus giving you more chances for conversions; in other words, profit.

Importance of SEO

It is impossible to imagine our life without the Internet. Every day more and more people become users of the World Wide Web. That is why every up-to-date company wants to represent its services to the virtual community. It doesn't matter whether the company engaged in oil production, or embedded software engineering, or in provision of grooming services, it must be available on the Internet.

But the creation of a website is not the end, it is just a beginning of your online presence. You potential clients and competitors must be aware of your website. It is necessary to optimize and promote a website to increase the number of visitors. Even a website with stunning design won't provide you with new customers at the beginning. That is why you should hire a experienced SEO professional, who will bring your website to top ten.

Recently, due to diligence of dedicated offshore software developers, it has become very popular to hire professionals in IT sphere abroad, in countries with cheap labor force. So, if you want to economize a little bit you can go the same way. Of course, there are some risks, as it is hard to control the work of your staff at a distance, but the experience shows that this approach is quite effective.

Many well-known companies, such as "Sam Solutions" company, use this approach in their activities. Of course, it is up to you whether to use outsourcing in your work or not, but you won't get positive effect from your online resource until you find a experienced SEO professional.

SEO is vital for organic traffic

Running a business on the internet solely on ads is a recipe for failure. You need people to be able to find you while they search the web, and considering that almost every single man using search engines only looks at the first few results of a search, SEO is essential for the growth of your online business. Although that is not to say that ads are not necessary, there are only a few spots in the top results of a specific search; not everyone makes it there. That means you should look for a balance between traffic coming from ads and organic in your business model.

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First things to take advantage of SEO

You need a good looking website with its content sorted out. Your website needs to look as clean as possible, ideally with professional design. You need a theme that goes hand to hand with your niche; you can't mix every theme with every niche; some things go better together than others.

Looks though aren't everything; your site needs to function correctly. This cannot be stressed enough; every single page of your website needs to work correctly and do what it is supposed to be doing. After you are done with that, another thing you should pay attention to speed, a working site is not a fast site by default, but a slow website is by default not successful.

While the points made above aren't methods to rank higher in search results, they are essentials you need to have in order for SEO to have any lasting positive effect on your business. Have you ever seen a really bad product, being promoted in all sorts of ways, and you end up trying it yourself and then get disappointed? This is what happens when a lousy website has excellent SEO; you don't want that.

Claim your SEO Strategy

Before you are able to make changes and rank higher, you need to understand how search engines work. What search engines are looking for in sites around the web are words, texts, in other words, your content. But how do they sort the results? That's where SEO comes into play; no one knows precisely how the algorithms of search engines work because this is something that is continuously changing.

But there are ways you can figure that out and come closer to the truth, so you can use that knowledge to make changes on your site for the better. The thing that is valued the most by search engines is unique content that is relevant to your niche; if your content is unique,you only need consistency to start ranking higher. If that sounds to easy for you, though, you need to take into account that this is not the only thing valued by the search engines.

Some of them are your site's popularity, meaning how many people are visiting you already and if your site is mentioned by people on other sites on the web. Another one is your geographic location based on that you are probably going to rank higher in the search results of people being closer to you.

Get a strategy that works every single time

Considering though the nature of the algorithms used, you will never be going to find a trick that works every single time and ranks you at the top. What you need to do is be on the lookout for competitors who rank higher than you, figure out a pattern among them that you lack and implement that in your content, all while you maintain uniqueness and consistency.