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Sitebulb is a prog – website crawler that allows you to crawl websites using search engines, manage all the data and make some SEO optimization. It is designed to help audit websites more thoroughly and communicate findings more effectively. It helps SEOs do more complete, more efficient website audits by organizing data.

The program analyses data. through the process of making audits for you. It allows to detect some SEO-issues and indexing problems. It gives better communicate complex ideas with clients or colleagues.

Key features include evergreen URL explorers, bot crawler, hints and an info about them, audit comparison and scores, reports and data visualization of the full website.


Sitebulb impeccably overcomes any barrier between work area crawlers and endeavor slither arrangements.
It's beginning and end you love about a work area crawler (no restrictions, loads of customizations, and so on) and all that you love about a venture crawler like – (information perception, cross-metric investigation, better task the executives and more)

Here are the features of Sitebulb that I see as the best:

  • Crawl data visualization
  • Cross-metric analysis
  • Project and Audit organization
  • No-limit usage due to
  • leveraging desktop resources
  • Excellent crawl customizations
  • Scheduled / queued crawling
  • Almost daily iterations

Sitebulb pricing


1 User
$ 13.50 Monthly
  • 10,000 URLs per audit
  • Basic SEO Audit
  • 138 Hints
  • PDF Reports
  • Duplicate Content Check
  • JavaScript Crawling
  • Crawl Maps


1 User
$ 35 Monthly
  • 500,000* URLs per audit
  • Everything in Lite plus:
  • Advanced SEO Audit
  • 315 Hints
  • PDF PRO Reports
  • Page Speed

For each additional user +$7 per month
without minimum user amounts

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Sitebulb alternative

  • Spider analyzer
  • Screaming frog