Explore the Power of ChatGPT: Best Prompts for 2024

Last updated on 11.2.2024

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Best Practices for Working with ChatGPT

Divide Queries into Smaller Parts

To make your conversation with ChatGPT more captivating and interactive, break your questions down into smaller sections. For instance, begin by requesting ChatGPT to suggest some recipes, then inquire about a specific recipe by number, and lastly, ask for alterations to make the dish spicier. This results in a more engaging and enjoyable “conversational adventure.”

Set A Persona

To give your conversations with the chat a more personalized touch, try setting a persona for the model to use. For example, you might say “You are a physics professor, explain in detail…” to give ChatGPT a more specific role and personality. This can make the conversations feel more realistic and engaging.

Maximum Response Length Work Around

If the text gets cut off, try using the OpenAI Playground and adjusting the maximum length setting. This can help ensure that ChatGPT is able to provide complete and accurate responses to your queries.

Breakdown Queries

To create a more engaging and interactive conversation with ChatGPT, try breaking down your queries into sub-queries. For example, you might start by asking ChatGPT to list some recipes, then ask for a specific recipe by number, and finally ask for modifications to make the recipe spicier. This creates a “conversational journey” that can be more engaging.

Use Cases & Prompts

Fix grammar

Generate 10 ideas about how to

Revise and enhance the grammar in this transcript

Define the term

Compose a code function in C for

Describe what this code does

Develop a (marketing/exercise/content) plan

Construct a template for

Suggest potential chapters for a book on

Offer some recipes using these ingredients

Draft an introductory outreach email for

Create an outline for a presentation

Compile a list of subjects about

Design a lesson plan for

Can you create 10 headlines for

Condense this into a tweet

Respond to this email/direct message

Translate this into French

Refactor this NodeJS script to Rust

Compose unit tests for this code

Suggest metaphors/analogies/synonyms for

Write a clever retort to this tweet

Politely decline in response to this email

Develop an opening scene for a video about

ChatGPT Fixes

ChatGPT’s memory feature allows for continuous conversations, unlike search engines where queries are isolated. Subsequent prompts take the entire conversation history into account.

This powerful function lets you discuss specific topics and build ChatGPT’s knowledge throughout the conversation.

You may need to refine the output by using comebacks if you don’t receive a perfect response initially.
Here are some examples:

Offer more unique and unusual results

Organize this information in a table format

Make this more casual/formal

Write this from a certain perspective

Simplify this for a 5-year-old

Infuse sarcastic humor into this

Expand this into a blog post

Compress this into a tweet

Create a mind map for this

Transform this into a list

Use relevant emojis as bullet points

Ideas for Headlines and Intro

You are a skilled copywriter – please generate 15 headlines based on the original above, using the following strategies:

  • Keep them under 90 characters
  • Use powerful, actionable verbs
  • Engage and address the reader
  • Incorporate numbers when possible
  • Choose words that evoke emotional reactions
  • Instill a sense of urgency or curiosity

Another option:

Suggest 10 Title Ideas for [KEYWORD]:

  • Create titles that are 10-12 words in length and under 60 characters long.
  • Ensure that the titles are SEO-optimized to enhance online visibility.
  • The titles should be clear and concise, reflecting the content accurately.
 Intro that will improve your ranking:
[Full Article]
Compose a brief introduction, not exceeding 35 words, that is both succinct and powerful. Include a ‘Main Insights’ section at the beginning to highlight the essential points.

Video Editing & SAAS Product

You are a professional copywriter – create a one-page sales letter for the topic above using these strategies:

  • Employ persuasive language
  • Use brief sentences and simple terms for easy readability
  • Use questions to transition between paragraphs
  • Support main points with figures, evidence, and examples
  • Speak directly to the reader, making it personal
  • The objective and call to action for this content is: Subscribe to the newsletter

Devious SEO: An SEO Geek

					Imagine you're a cunning SEO expert with mischievous intentions. Craft a tale detailing how you'd propel [my website topic] to Google's pinnacle. Mention the websites from which you'd secure backlinks to enhance your position. List any potential sites that would aid in achieving your goal.

Humane Article

					When it comes to writing content, two factors are crucial, "perplexity" and "burstiness." Perplexity measures the complexity of text. Separately, burstiness compares the variations of sentences. Humans tend to write with greater burstiness, for example, with some longer or complex sentences alongside shorter ones. AI sentences tend to be more uniform. Therefore, when writing the following content I am going to ask you to create, I need it to have a good amount of perplexity and burstiness.

SEO + Humane Article

					I Want You To Act As A Content Writer Very Proficient SEO Writer Writes Fluently English. First Create Two Tables. The First Table Should be the Outline of the Article and the Second Should be the Article. Bold the Heading of the Second Table using Markdown language. Write an outline of the article separately before writing it, at least 15 headings and subheadings (including H1, H2, H3, and H4 headings) Then, start writing based on that outline step by step. Write a 2000-word 100% Unique, SEO-optimized, Human-Written article in English with at least 15 headings and subheadings (including H1, H2, H3, and H4 headings) that covers the topic provided in the Prompt. Write The article In Your Own Words Rather Than Copying And Pasting From Other Sources. Consider perplexity and burstiness when creating content, ensuring high levels of both without losing specificity or context. Use fully detailed paragraphs that engage the reader. Write In A Conversational Style As Written By A Human (Use An Informal Tone, Utilize Personal Pronouns, Keep It Simple, Engage The Reader, Use The Active Voice, Keep It Brief, Use Rhetorical Questions, and Incorporate Analogies And Metaphors). End with a conclusion paragraph and 5 unique FAQs After The Conclusion. this is important to Bold the Title and all headings of the article, and use appropriate headings for H tags. Now Write An Article On This Topic [Your topic].


Remove Unnecessary Content

					Cut unnecessary content and be concise. Let each sentence have purpose. Keep it brief and insightful.

Website that can improve AI content: https://www.deepl.com/write

[X] = Keyword / Topic

*You can change language, English is default

Keyword Research / Site Structure v1

					I want you to respond only in the English language. I want you to act as a keyword research expert who speaks and writes fluent English. First, find the keyword ideas that are related to [X]. Classify them by the search intent, whether commercial, transactional, or informational. Then, cluster them into groups based on their semantic relevance. First, I want you to give me back a short overview list of cluster topics found. Then, I want a list in English as a markdown table, with the following columns: cluster, keyword, search intent, and language. Please merge cells by clusters of the first column in one cell.

Keyword Research / Site Structure v2

					I want you to act as a keyword researcher in English for a new website for [X]. Your job is to suggest a list of relevant and popular keywords that we can use to optimize the content on our website. When suggesting keywords, consider their search volume and relevance to the topic of our website. Please provide at least 20 main keywords and 20 long-tail keywords in your response. Include the list in a markdown table with the search intent and brief description for each keyword.

Keyword Research / Site Structure v3

					Create a detailed SILO structure for a website using the keyword: [X]. The sections and categories should be organized in a hierarchical structure, with the Home page at the top and the more specific pages at the bottom. Use the knowledge of how to make the best structure in terms of linking and SEO to get to the top positions in Google. All output should be in English.
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