Get promoted faster with Google Ads

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If you want your website to be visible in the organic results of Google search engine for specific keywords, you've come to the right place.

On Google Ads you can promote:

  • Company
  • Brand
  • Products
  • Advertising in graphic and text form

How to start promotion on Google Ads?

check the degree of difficulty of the task and its valuation

  1. Performing site audit
  2. Clients recognition
  3. Target groups
  4. Competition analysis
  5. Analysis of keywords and their position
  6. Website quality analysis


Create a campaign

  1. Determining the goal of the campaign
  2. Creating advertising groups
  3. Creating keyword lists
  4. Creating effective advertising texts
  5. Run the campaign


$ The prices associated with an AdWords ad depend largely on the budget allocated to the campaign.

Thanks to AdWords, you become immediately visible.

google ads

PPC services

If you use ppc service – the cost of those services largely depends on the quantity, competitiveness of phrases and desired items.

The cost may change if:

  1. The client wishes to expand the number of positioned phrases.
  2. after achieving the desired effects of positioning, he would like to be higher.


('Positioning fees' are a fixed monthly cost)

All the services must be completely measurable and transparent.

Additional one-time cost is changes to the website:

1 – Onpage optimization:

  • Defining meta tags
  • Text change on the site (copywriting)
  • Removing any errors in the HTML code
  • Efforts to make the page as readable as possible for Google

2 – Promotion of the website by adding it to good quality directories

3 – Connecting codes:

  • Connecting to google analytics and search console
  • Tracking the progress of positioning
  • Filtering, data analysis

4 – Writing articles

5 – Create support pages

 All of that is a kind of SEO service. depending on the degree of difficulty the time needed to observe the desired results is at least 2-3 months.

But remember, with Google Ads you can to get the maximum return on investment.