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Last updated on 6.11.2023

ChatGPT by Open AI is now available

ChatGPT is a chatbot application that allows users to interact with artificial intelligence applications using simple commands.

Within just 7 days after its launch, this app has reached over 1 million downloads worldwide. Users on Twitter have been writing complex code, creating trading applications, composing music, and writing stories with it.

Chatbot technology was initially used as part of a chat interface between humans and computers. However, now we see many applications of this type of artificial intelligence within our own lives.

What's the difference between GPT-3 and ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a tool used to generate chat messages while GPT-3 is a machine-learning algorithm designed to generate natural-sounding conversational text.

Both developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is a tool used to generate chat messages while GPT-3 is a machine learning algorithm designed to generate natural conversational text.

GPT-3 is more powerful with 175 billion parameters, while ChatGPT is based on 1.5 billion parameters. GPT-3 requires more computational resources to run which makes it more expensive.

While both tools are helpful, ChatGPT may be a better fit for those without the budget or resources to utilize GPT-3.

ChatGPT - Guides for SEO

Guide 1: How to write a blog post using ChatGPT?

1) Choose a post title for your keyword, it will be the headline.

Paste the title into the next line:

[Generate a post outline for an article titled “X”]

2) Adding a paragraph.

Use the next line to create a paragraph:

[Write a blog post introduction for the above article on points under the introduction.]

3) Make more content with the next lines:

Option 1: [Expand on points about “X Y Z” and explain in detail]

Option 2: [Can you summarize it?]

And here we are done writing a full article, don’t forget to edit it a bit and run it through a grammar checker.

Another option to create articles with ChatGPT:

Make keyword research and find questions with search volume, we will go to one of the sites that gives the best answer and copy the main part of the answer

After that we give the bot the next command:

Please write a detailed article about ‘[question]’. Use this information to write the article: ‘[Answer from one of the sites]’

Usually, the chat will output an article with 300-500 words without headings, we can ask him to add some headings but I prefer to add them on my own. Also, I like to ask him to extract the main keywords and get new ideas.

Guide 2: How to create topics and categories using the AI chat?

Prepare a list of keywords, Input max 90 words in one command (the bot has a limit).

We need to ask the bot to categorize the keywords by topic

“Can you categorize the following keywords by topic?” and [add the keywords list].

After the bot will give us the category list, we need to ask next:

“Using the following categories:”

[list of the categories that we got]

“Which category do these keywords belong to?”

[list of keywords]


ChatGPT Reviews:

1 Review
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"Amazing, his chat bot is incredible"
2 Review
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"Google can easily detect the "AI content" and punish for that."
3 Review
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"That is the closest to freaking me out regarding AI. But you need to read it well to see the potential."
4 Review
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"ChatGPT can generate a complete WordPress plugin based just on a description."
5 Review
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"It's going to disrupt many markets"
6 Review
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"It doesn't matter how sophisticated the AI is. If you spend a little bit of effort writing articles by yourself, it will be much better than thousands of words generated by AI bots."
7 Review
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"The AI chat just mixed the content of a million articles, this isn't a big deal. Google will learn to locate this very soon."
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Google vs ChatGPT

With all the fuss about ChatGPT, it doesn’t look like Google is letting it threaten it.

The way Openai presents the results to users may harm the funded profits of Google’s sponsored advertisements, so Google decided to use rich snippets that answer the user on the search page (the GPT bot is trying to do the same).

What we can be sure of, is tat Google’s changes to the results page and ChatGPT will decrease the organic traffic of websites.

Openai codex javascript sandbox

The openai codex JavaScript sandbox is a new tool that was recently introduced by the OpenAI team. It allows users to enter natural language prompts and receive JavaScript-based code snippets in response. This can be extremely helpful for web developers who need to write JavaScript for their projects as they can get a head start on their code by using the openai codex JavaScript sandbox.

I think the concept of being able to write a prompt on openai and generate javascript code based on the prompt is genius and revolutionary, I like the idea that they are opening the ability to create code to anyone but I don’t think code is as simple as some people think and it might be an issue if someone just copies all the code without understanding what happens under the hood. In my opinion – that is an incredible opportunity for it to be used to better our lives – but also it is a potential double-edged sword.


Chatbots are commonly used for automated customer service, but they can also be used for marketing purposes, entertainment, education, and many other areas.

The rise of AI technologies means that we are likely to encounter even more innovative uses of chatbots in the future. For instance, researchers at Microsoft demonstrated how chatbots could be trained to detect signs of mental illness, potentially helping doctors diagnose patients before symptoms appear. With advances like these, chatbots seem poised to transform not only business practices but society itself.

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