Block subpages of archives /page/2/ | SOLUTION

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Unnecessary pages - What causes the problem?

WordPress sites that use the plugin Yoast SEO have SEO some issue on archive pages

The plugin automatically creates every archive page internal link to the “next page” (/page/2/)
as a result of a pagination tag (rel="next" and rel="prev").


Google can index that page and the Search Console marks that page as an error page that can be indexed.


How to solve it?

Unfortunately, I didn't find some way to remove that function from archive pages (without removing the plugin)

but I found a solution

I blocked it in the Robots.txt file and made it Non-Indexable:

You need to add following line to the file:

					Disallow: /Archive-Name/page/

(in my case: Disallow: /he/page/)

and it will fix it for the Google search console.